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Viff is an AI assistant that generates courteous and contextual responses to your guest reviews instantly. Respond to reviews consistently, improve your online reputation and grow your business.
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Viff is a chrome extension and works everywhere. Even emails!

Why Viff

Improve reputation

87% travellers are more likely to book when businesses respond to reviews. Responses make you stand-out and instil confidence in travellers researching their next stay.

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Respond immediately

Responding to reviews can be difficult when staff has 100 things to do. Viff learns your tone and brand voice from the initial inputs. Craft accurate responses instantly and respond consistently to all guest reviews.

Increase bookings

Our customers have experienced 5x jumps in booking volumes and 67% improved TripAdvisor ranking, after just 6 months of responding consistently to all reviews. Need we say more?

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How it works

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Easy & Omnipresent

Just select the review text, and click on the Viff icon. When we say "Generate responses in a single click" we mean it literally!

Viff works out of the box with every website and every Property/Reputation Management System under the sun. No integrations necessary!

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On-brand & consistent

Canned responses are worse than no response.
Our proprietary AI model is trained to learn your brand voice and tone in as little as 10 responses. Once it is trained, Viff will remember and generate consistent and on-brand responses in a single attempt.

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On brand and consistent for hotel reviews
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Contextual & courteous

Viff responses are contextual and courteous by design. It will never say anything you wouldn't want any of your staff to say. And Viff is a pro at handling even the nastiest of reviews.

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Excellent  4.9 out of 5

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Viff has been my best staff hire!

We always knew we should be responding to every review. But our staff has so many other things to do, and it's not like every one is skilled to respond to reviews. Viff has been the best staff hire I have made!

James Hassett
Director of operations,

Viff saves us hours!

Viff saves us so many man hours, I simply cannot go back to writing responses myself.

Carlotta Ricci
Property manager

Viff is my secret growth hack!

I manage more than 30 listings, and haven't had to depend on anyone to have a 100% response rate. Which has led to a 5x jump in our booking volumes. Viff is my secret growth hack!

Yasin Mayo
AirBnB Superhost

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are hesitating, do not worry - we are here to explain
everything you might want to know. Let us help!

How does Viff work?

Viff is an AI model trained on millions of reviews to generate responses. Viff understands the various aspects of a good guest experience, like food, cleaning, service etc. When you give it a review, it instantly generates a response. Viff responses are designed to always be professional and courteous (like you'd expect your staff to be)!

Are responses personalised?

Yes! Every time you select a response provided by Viff, it learns about your brand voice and tone. In as little as 10 reviews, Viff captures your personal preferences and tailors responses to be on-brand and in the tone you like to engage with your guests.

Does Viff work with my Property/Reputation Management System?

Viff is designed such that it requires zero setup and integration work. And works out of every tool under the sun! Just install the chrome extension in your browser and start Viffing!

Do I need IT/Tech support to install Viff?

Viff is a simple browser extension and can be installed by anyone. Go ahead, give it a try!

Do you have a free trial?

Yes, we do! Your first 10 responses are on us. Just install the chrome extension and start Viffing! To continue using Viff after 10 responses, you will have to purchase a paid subscription.

Does Viff work in any language?

Yes! Viff can understand and respond in more than 20 languages. It is trained to respond in the same language as the review.